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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi i'm molly gomez a member of local 2 and a food serve for sfo in various bars and restaurants i'm here to let you know how important job security is i started working in 1980 when hope international owned all the restaurants they were a big company and provided benefits and job opportunities then this 2003 we found out they lost their concession and the airport was moving in a new direction the host international represented security and that was gone it was a very scary time the transition was very
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confusing and we had to fight very hard to keep our jobs and unions and benefits a lot was lost and years of seniority was lost and benefits during the during holiday pay we need you to preserve our jobs and so vote yes for job security. >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm jessie johnson and like molly i'm an sfo erica bartender at the airport. i'm here because the matter before the board is the most important issue facing working people. 10 years ago san francisco international airport dissolved
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the master lease and fortunately the union and airport director agreed to worker retention and over 6 hundred workers would have lost jobs with health care benefits and pension and wages so on behalf of the workers in san francisco we ask that the board of supervisors hold the worker retention and stand in solidarity with the other workers thank you, thank you very much >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm sheryl thank you for having that hearing and proposing this legislation i'm a member of local 2. i work as a lurk worker i've worked in the lubrication for the san francisco giants i
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worked at candle stick in 1988 and at that time, i didn't work for our current employer central plate but worked on the campaigns to get the ball park built the giants i love my job working for the ball parks and i worked and spoke here at the board of supervisors to make sure we'll condition in our same job positions and sensitive reiterate i am a san francisco giant supporter i work for the games for the san francisco giants in the 49ers season i have a strange schedule my life
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resolves around that schedule it has to be competed to the ball park. my family and my husband is a fourth generation san francisco and my son a fifth generation san franciscan they're used to my sacrifice i'm committed to work with whoever the giants bring in i'm a resident of san francisco and a consistent voter please protect my job and that's why i want you to vote for job security thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> yes, i'm reggie i've been working for center plate since 20034 we realize this is something critical for all of us we've tried to get that passed
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with many lawyers they said this was the most ridiculous thing so we took the shotgun approach. >> now coming austin at ii want to make a quote from a famous chinese it dpoort if the cat is good only if it catches a good mouse. we've loves money people have to pay rent and buy things. i want to make one more quoted of a wise man connecticut of us said if you make a meaning and know you've made a mistake and do nothing to correct that mistake you've made our second mistake we're not trying to make the second mistake we don't have
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the money we weren't born are a a silver spoon like the owners of the gold plates most of us was born with wooden spoons and no spoons but we're here and thank you for supporting us. thank you very much >> before we get do the next speaker i'll call more cards (calling names) you can go ahead thank you. >> i'm maggie gibson working at
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the oakland colosseum i'm a living bloment back in 1997 when center plate left our contract was taken over by ogden who didn't want to hire us we went to the oakland city council we've lost money and this time we felt comfortable they had to hire us that's why i'm here supporting my local friends this keepsoblast whether you collar jobs in this city i hope it gets passed thank you. thank you. next speaker.
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. >> hello, i'm member of local 2. i work as a cook 18 park. i give my all to this job. i know i need this job but also i know my company central place needs me we love our job. and we need to know that no matter which when company comes we have our job security. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please hello, i'm mario working at the ball park since 2000 and i've been working as a sweep tenant i enjoy it and appreciate my job. i really, really work like a dog. and i'm proud and i also work i
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started out earlier and intend of the day or night i know my customer are going to be happy they're to go home and be happy they have good service i need to get this i need to keep my job. thank you for supporting us and thank you guys for the guys that work at the airport and thank you for joining us they also need our support. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. thank you for having us. my name is billy i've been working at the ball park since
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1974. and our former company was harry and stevens we had a good relationship but in 19 nine hundred 3 when ryan services came abroad we got a big pay cut we figure out and lost health benefits and 38 they increased our eligibility in order to have benefits we lost a lot of good workers. it was devastating to some of the coworkers fortunately some of my children are working there i'm looking at the future of the younger people it took us hours and hours to fight and fight some of the management was against the old-timers they
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would say we went through a lot we were constantly being evaluated but if the board of supervisors is able to approve this retention we'll greatly appreciate it we have over 8 hundred employees and none wants to lose their jobs they love working the ball park or they won't be there >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hi good afternoon. i'm joe's i work at the san francisco hotel it was embodied in 1993. they closed the hotel for renovation for 6 months there was more than one hundred and 50 workers lost their jobs. this was no security in the contract. the workers that worked there
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for many, many years and when the hotel reopted in march 1994 they rehired only a quarter of the workers that's why we need the security thank you very much >> next speaker >> i work at the ball park and want to piggy back an what was said i remember being on the picket line we fought and fought for two years on the picket line and kept fighting it took us 10 years to get the people their jobs back it was a horrible experience i don't want to see that ever happen again in the city. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is david mitchell i'm a
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member of local 2 and work as a concession worker at at&t park and candle stick park i'm a registered voter. it's an honor to work in an city at facilities effected by retention ordnance. the industry is customer service that's a popular demand i've been doing it almost 40 years the facilities candle stick park and at&t park park are stark reminder of our times my first mccain season working in san francisco ended with a super bowl success we've been associated with sports organizations especially, when
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they achieve the ultimate reward a change will threaten the health care benefits that we fight to receive this bears witness to the need of protections of the private sector non-union workers who provide services daily in the city this and a half is for the unanimous approval let the message be heard from the bay area throughout the state and metropolitan areas across america san francisco recognizes the need for the retention and will take action to insure workers benefits at the workplace thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker. . >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm carol whitaker a member of local 2 worked at the san
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francisco airport for 32 years and also went through the turmoil of lingus host and being put into is another world of wondering am i going to have a job will my son have to drop out of college will i be able to pay my rent but hopefully we've got worker reiskin retention and kept our benefits and continue to work most of us are there we do our job and look at those faces we're not rich people people that are the foundation to educate our children and hope they have more than us but without job security we have nothing to please think of us and have employee retention for all of us especially at center
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plate. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm working inform local 2 i'm member of local 2 and work at the at&t park ball park for 21 years and work as an oakland aid and love my job. we deserve to is where job security after 21 years i've put into this ball park i deserve the respect to keep my job if a new job comes in i ask for job security >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hi i'm anthony i'm a local 2 member at at&t park park i'm
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here today because i feel this is important. i myself have experienced lay office when the company was sold in 2007 shortly after that time we lost our home due to that and since then my wife and i have struggled to bring up our two ancestor with a baby on the way we only now feel a sense of normalcy i can fully imagine if we don't have the job security and someone else came in and lay us off i'm here to ask for your support and hopefully, you'll do that i feel this is a highly
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historic moment. and i just hope looking back you feel that you've stood on the right side of this issue >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm dee dee workman in the chamber of commerce we appreciate supervisor kim and supervisor cowen reaching out to the chamber of commerce to develop the language of this process we really appreciate that process. i'm just wanting to raise a point in terms of the this is about hospitality workers with the concession when it comes to hotels one hundred room hotels i think generally speaking it can be considered small businesses they've got employees that are well under one hundred or 50
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maybe 20 employees that's off kilter in the size of the institutions you're looking at so, please consider raising that number so you're dealing with the larger hotels and not smaller hotel that seems inconsistent that is applied to this ordinance thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi i'm linda. and i also work at the at&t park i'm a member of local 2. i'm here to ask for the job security as well. in 1978 i worked at candle stick park and it was a family owned company i worked for it was a great place to work and
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wonderful people but in 1993 you know the services came in and took over and took our food servers so we had to reapply for our jobs and took a wage cut that was 1/3rd of a what we were making and it also sorry. but it was just really hard for everybody the transition to be able, you know, you've worked there all those jorge's years and all of a sudden you, you have to re-interview and take at that wage cut and working for corporate when you've come from a first name owned company to a corporate the mentality is a different structure and everything is different. with that being said it would be soda if we had to go backwards
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so i think i want to ask you to vote for this >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good afternoon. i'm jackie a member of local 2 and work at the at&t park. i'm here to ask you to support of the worker ordinance in 2011, i was laid off of the school district i never realized how important this job at at&t park could be he now i see we don't want to have to go backwards i've worked no 24 seasons and would hate to start over again so, please pass the worker retention >> thank you. next speaker. .
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>> good afternoon, supervisors i'm marie i've worked at at&t park for 7 and a half years and a member of local 2. i'm here because of the importance of job security. i was born and raised in san francisco into a union family. i didn't start working at the ball park until my career at the san francisco state university in the alone department was ended i had to return to work to supplement my earning i'm also the guarded of a 17 year-old. i think it job security means a lot right now not only for me and for the future generations to come and happy if you vote in our favor thank you very much for hearing me
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>> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hello, i'm larry edmond and here to say i work from 79 to 2008 workings with the communication and the local two unions. when i got here in 89 i got a job working for the giants at the ball park picture i was mp p warter but working there it was a job i used to be at the lincoln when i got the job we sold the first starbuck's coffee and sold the first doughnuts at pack bell and there's a history that working people in the city should be able to live we bring
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a lot the people enjoy the workers so they come here sometimes to get that san francisco spirit it's important that i mention there's another guy from the local we - he was working like a madman and in the night time you can he's can't even live but working for local two he's been 8 to 6 hours at the hall and the ymca showing you how working people we're not getting the benefits of vice chair a placing place to live and worker people they seems like they zoo don't like you if you're a worker valuable person
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in the economy and people coming from subsidies abuse we need to protect the people >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on item 2. mr. case i didn't >> supervisors supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener and supervisor kim. >> kim and (laughter). >> i'm sorry supervisor kim. old age is a terrible thing supervisors i want to thank you for the hearing and especially supervisor cowen and supervisor kim for sponsoring this legislation the hotel council i appreciate their neutrality it on this issue i'd also like to
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comment on the speaker if the chamber of commerce. the hotel condo conversion says the larger hotel is one hundred rooms so modifying that number is changing the policy that's been established this ordinance is not only about securing jobs i i that's about leveling the playing field thought san francisco we have successorship this levels the playing field to make sure that the union properties all have levels of job skirt. the jobs on the waterfront are particularly an issue we need to be addressing and many years ago the jobs on the waterfront were union with the demise of the
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long shore industry and those jobs are no longer the kind of high-level paying jobs they're mostly service jobs except at the at&t park we have living wages and lengths benefits and family health coverage this protects those jobs and standards and make sure we can establish a standard that other employees should live to and if we allow employers to eliminate those standards by changing employees and breaking units that's bad for a san francisco so we appreciate your yes vote on, on this (clapping.) okay. is there is there any additional public comment on item number 2? seeing none, public comment is clos
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closed. so colleagues the item is back in the hands of the committee supervisor kim >> frail i want to thank everyone that came out to speak but to be present for the committee hearing on this legislation and i want to first of all, recognize a lot of the members of our hotel communities that is here today. i know there's a strong relationship between workers and our hotel employers and hearing is 33 percent retention rate shows that strong positive relationship and how important it is to our employers and customers and tourist that come to the city but, of course, our workers as well who work to showcase how great the city is. i think it's important when we look at this we looking at a 34 month transitiony period to
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support the longtime customers and clients to the arenas and expect a consistency in service and also supports our workers to showcase the work to new employers it is a transition period the notices happen during a day and it didn't allow the employees to look at other opportunities if necessary in that case. in terms of the numbers this happens through golden gate restaurant association and the chamber of commerce and council with our restaurants we're not luke the consistency for all industries but looking at where we see the change of ownership and with restaurants the larger are prone to change of ownership where restaurants have under 2
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hundred employees we felt comfortable to more of the chain restaurants there's two arenas one that went to san jose but had the job security but we have the airport so we thought it was important along with the conversion centers innovating dollars not two which consistency but in the provision it covers 2 hundred room and in lake it covers hotels with as little as 50 guest rooms but in oakland and berkley they choose to go per employers we felt that this